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//Cover Art

//Character Art



Commission Status

Thank you for being patient.
3 commission slots are currently open for
February-April 2024.

Contact me at for more info.


Rates & Additional Info

//Full Illustration/Cover Art etc.: 800€+

//Character Art: 450€+

These are the the base rates for commission work.
The pricing can vary depending on the complexity and deadline
(rush fees may apply).

Please send a detailed briefing/request via email first,
additional reference images are helpful for the process,

but not crucial.

You'll receive a reply as soon as possible,
given the commission status is currently open.
After going through the details of the commission,
a 50% deposit is required via PayPal for first time clients.

Refunding only applies before the initial sketch was transferred.

Once you've received/approved the initial pencil/digital sketch, you will be updated on the progress
along the way via Email or Discord.

Major changes to the final image, once discussed, will require renegotiation of the timeframe and the fee.

Once everything is ready, you’ll receive a Dropbox link via Email with multiple final assets, depending on the commission type.

Thank you for your interest!

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